Wednesday, December 29, 2010


tinnitustimulus █▓▒░ ░▒▓█ c30 $4
Screeching metal, vibrating fuzz, screaming pitch
tinnitustimulus - Lévy Flight 3"cdr
based on mathematical charts
The New Singularity - |||||||||||||||||||||||||||
new live only NNW project with yours truly and McCord

Friday, October 8, 2010



Tinnitustimulus - thundercrap demo cdrs

each one with a different tracklist some still available here


Tinnitustimulus - Tom Bennett's Album cd-r Deaf Culture Music 001

packaged in slimline jewelcase and aluminum foil


Tinnitustimulus - Otocephaly cd-r Deaf Culture Music 002

packaged with scanned pictures from med book Congenital Facial Anomalies with Neurologic Defects, most recording done 2005.
Tinnitustimulus - 86 Future cd-r Deaf Culture Music 003 packaged differently from 5 small pressings, recorded 2006
Tinnitustimulus split with Apophallation - T&A cd-r Deaf Culture Music 004 comes with real and fake blood, and a pic of an naked androgynous obese person


Tinnitustimulus - Be Everything That You Hate cd-r Deaf Culture Music 005

Tinnitustimulus - Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Sylvester Stallone cs-90 Deaf Culture Music 006

Tinnitustimulus - akathisia cd-r dollfullofrivets

Tinnitustimulus - Unavoidable Mediocre Life cs-90 Deaf Culture Music 007

Tinnitustimulus - Trismic Knives cd-r THE COSMIC BEYOND tcb-002

Tinnitustimulus - Myoclonus cd-r
Cavernous Records(note: not sure if this really came out or not so i did a "prerelease" of my own of it)

Tinnitustimulus with Sanguine Vessel - Red Rake 2Xcd-r Breathmint Records BM247

Tinnitustimulus with Sanguine Vessel - Blue Rake 2Xcd-r Breathmint Records BM248

Tinnitustimulus - Recycled cs RRRecords

Tinnitustimulus - Live in Lowell bizcard deafc008

Tinnitustimulus - Deer Tick cd-r Deaf Culture Music deafc009

Tinnitustimulus - Untitled cs1 Breathmint


Tinnitustimulus - Remainder cs31 Deaf Culture Music deafc010

Tinnitustimulus split with AxemRangers - cs30 Deaf Culture Music deafc011

Tinnitustimulus split with lonesummer - bizcard Deaf Culture Music deafc013


Tinnitustimulus - 8 YEARS OF GARBAGE retrospective 2Xcd-rDeaf Culture Music deafc012

Tinnitustimulus - ░▒▓█▓▒░ cs31 Deaf Culture Music deafc014

Tinnitustimulus -
Lévy Flights 3"cd-r Deaf Culture Music deafc015

Tinnitustimulus - Caterpillar Tent mp3 album Glitch City

Tinnitustimulus - Slow Motion Scene bizcard cdr LIONCUB-002


Tinnitustimulus - cracked chamber 3" cdr deafc017


Tinnitustimulus split with BBBlood 30 minute cs

Tinnitustimulus - Aluminum Gly 30 minute cs

Tinnitustimulus - Crawlspace Habituate cdr? Red Venice Records 054


Tinnitustimulus - Stims CS30 Refulgent Sepulcher 02

Tinnitustimulus - Unfamiliar Dust CS32 Rainbow Bridge RB-172

Tinnitustimulus split with Ryan Phillip CS30 Tongue of Flames


Tinnitustimulus - Housefire CS52 deafc021 

Tinnitustimulus - Primitive Languages Session CS90 (single sided) Primitive Languages

Tinnitustimulus - 3rd Degree/Rotator Cuff L + R CS30 deafc022

Tinnitustimulus - Deaf Decade CS30 deafc023


Tinnitustimulus - Chemical Peel CS30 Primitive Languages PL009

Tinnitustimulus & Developer - CS30 Remixes fact105


of under nails - A Harsh Noise Compilation Cd-r - Absalom Recordings 2005

Untitled - Un_Ravel Cd-r - Burlap Records BURL3 2006

Unconscious Objector - I Don't Think The Dirt Belongs To The Grass 3XCd-r - Carbon Records CR099 2006

ppp - Bales of Human Hair Cd-r - RNR 05 2007

Untitled - Last Minute cs1 - Breathmint BM251 2008

Happy Mothers Day - Another Last Minute cs1- Breathmint BM255 2009

Larynx Clearence - Glitch Village Vol 3 mp3 release - Glitch City GV03

Hot Oil Burns - Skin Irritant CS 60 deafc018 2011

Friday, September 24, 2010

First post

this will be used to announce anything tinnitustimulus related as well as deaf culture music.

As for current news I am making tapes for the project I have with mccord called The New Singularity on C30s.

I will also be playing in RVA in October 30th for CHEAP FEST II = more info:

much more will be added shortly