Friday, October 8, 2010



Tinnitustimulus - thundercrap demo cdrs

each one with a different tracklist some still available here


Tinnitustimulus - Tom Bennett's Album cd-r Deaf Culture Music 001

packaged in slimline jewelcase and aluminum foil


Tinnitustimulus - Otocephaly cd-r Deaf Culture Music 002

packaged with scanned pictures from med book Congenital Facial Anomalies with Neurologic Defects, most recording done 2005.
Tinnitustimulus - 86 Future cd-r Deaf Culture Music 003 packaged differently from 5 small pressings, recorded 2006
Tinnitustimulus split with Apophallation - T&A cd-r Deaf Culture Music 004 comes with real and fake blood, and a pic of an naked androgynous obese person


Tinnitustimulus - Be Everything That You Hate cd-r Deaf Culture Music 005

Tinnitustimulus - Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Sylvester Stallone cs-90 Deaf Culture Music 006

Tinnitustimulus - akathisia cd-r dollfullofrivets

Tinnitustimulus - Unavoidable Mediocre Life cs-90 Deaf Culture Music 007

Tinnitustimulus - Trismic Knives cd-r THE COSMIC BEYOND tcb-002

Tinnitustimulus - Myoclonus cd-r
Cavernous Records(note: not sure if this really came out or not so i did a "prerelease" of my own of it)

Tinnitustimulus with Sanguine Vessel - Red Rake 2Xcd-r Breathmint Records BM247

Tinnitustimulus with Sanguine Vessel - Blue Rake 2Xcd-r Breathmint Records BM248

Tinnitustimulus - Recycled cs RRRecords

Tinnitustimulus - Live in Lowell bizcard deafc008

Tinnitustimulus - Deer Tick cd-r Deaf Culture Music deafc009

Tinnitustimulus - Untitled cs1 Breathmint


Tinnitustimulus - Remainder cs31 Deaf Culture Music deafc010

Tinnitustimulus split with AxemRangers - cs30 Deaf Culture Music deafc011

Tinnitustimulus split with lonesummer - bizcard Deaf Culture Music deafc013


Tinnitustimulus - 8 YEARS OF GARBAGE retrospective 2Xcd-rDeaf Culture Music deafc012

Tinnitustimulus - ░▒▓█▓▒░ cs31 Deaf Culture Music deafc014

Tinnitustimulus -
Lévy Flights 3"cd-r Deaf Culture Music deafc015

Tinnitustimulus - Caterpillar Tent mp3 album Glitch City

Tinnitustimulus - Slow Motion Scene bizcard cdr LIONCUB-002


Tinnitustimulus - cracked chamber 3" cdr deafc017


Tinnitustimulus split with BBBlood 30 minute cs

Tinnitustimulus - Aluminum Gly 30 minute cs

Tinnitustimulus - Crawlspace Habituate cdr? Red Venice Records 054


Tinnitustimulus - Stims CS30 Refulgent Sepulcher 02

Tinnitustimulus - Unfamiliar Dust CS32 Rainbow Bridge RB-172

Tinnitustimulus split with Ryan Phillip CS30 Tongue of Flames


Tinnitustimulus - Housefire CS52 deafc021 

Tinnitustimulus - Primitive Languages Session CS90 (single sided) Primitive Languages

Tinnitustimulus - 3rd Degree/Rotator Cuff L + R CS30 deafc022

Tinnitustimulus - Deaf Decade CS30 deafc023


Tinnitustimulus - Chemical Peel CS30 Primitive Languages PL009

Tinnitustimulus & Developer - CS30 Remixes fact105


of under nails - A Harsh Noise Compilation Cd-r - Absalom Recordings 2005

Untitled - Un_Ravel Cd-r - Burlap Records BURL3 2006

Unconscious Objector - I Don't Think The Dirt Belongs To The Grass 3XCd-r - Carbon Records CR099 2006

ppp - Bales of Human Hair Cd-r - RNR 05 2007

Untitled - Last Minute cs1 - Breathmint BM251 2008

Happy Mothers Day - Another Last Minute cs1- Breathmint BM255 2009

Larynx Clearence - Glitch Village Vol 3 mp3 release - Glitch City GV03

Hot Oil Burns - Skin Irritant CS 60 deafc018 2011

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